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1956 Underwood De Luxe

Serial #AB2685728

1956 Underwood De Luxe

This second version of the De Luxe Quiet Tab is probably the flashiest typewriter Underwood ever produced. The influence of contemporary automobile design is obvious. Slight changes were made to the top half of the shell. Note the button to release the ribbon cover and the swoopy carriage return lever. Not immediately apparent is a new geometric slab serif typeface--apparently based upon Memphis--that is more modern and artistic while still being professional enough for business use.

Owned By: Alan Seaver

Username: Olivander
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 228
Galleries: 42
Collection: 41
Sightings: 1

Located 20 minutes into the past in the penthouse suites of Oliver Towers, overlooking the heart of downtown.

1956 Underwood De Luxe Type Sample

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