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1974 Smith Corona Galaxie Twelve

Serial #6MLC 351212 H

About a year ago we had a resident at the nursing home where I work who'd owned his own typewriter repair business beginning back in the 1930's. By the time I met him he was 93 years old with advanced dementia, and in an attempt to help orient him his daughter brought in this typewriter for him to play with. From what I saw he never did much more than bang on it, but who knows, perhaps there was some spark of recognition there. After he passed away the family left it behind for me, and after cleaning it up and putting in a new ribbon it works fine; not as enjoyable to write on as my Galaxie Deluxe, but considering the circumstances under which I obtained it, I'm not complaining :)

Owned By: Mark Minard

Username: mark
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I'm a registered nurse working with the elderly in a long-term care facility, and am of course working on the Great American Novel in the off hours. I recently rediscovered the typewriter after a 20+ year hiatus, and in this world of smartphones and laptops it feels good to be back home again. I write differently on the typewriter than I do on a computer, which is a good thing. I've only acquired 5 so far and am actively fighting the urge to buy "just one more." I live in the beautiful Central / Leatherstocking region of New York State with my wife and our 5 cats.

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