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1965 Hermes Baby

Serial #6101369

Hermes Baby '65.

Very simple, smart and nice road (travel) typewriter.
Original kiryllic types were replaced to types with standart soviet large letters.

When I bought this typewriter (about 27$), it looked as if he spent all his life in the pigpen. It was literally packed with dirt, dust, some strange sand and was all stained with purple ink.
But why should I be surprised? - The previous owner kept it in a corner of the garage among some incomprehensible garbage.

The bottom of the machine slightly creased, paint peeled off at the edges. Free carriage movement lever was bent.
The typewriter was not working at all.

I led her up the whole day.
The cry of the soul: NEVER, listen, NEVER remove the body from Hermes!!)) Put it back = sheer masochism.

As a result of my torments, the machine came to life.
I am glad) This is a very interesting model, which, moreover, are very rare in my land.

Owned By: Sergei Viktorovich

Username: Sergei110
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 3791
Galleries: 68
Collection: 53
Sightings: 15

I'm Sergei, I was made in Russia)))))))
I wouldn't call myself a hunter - I just love typewriters, use them and collect some of them.
Many of it comes and goes out, solds to someone else, and others who "gets" me, remains)
I can't tell where I've developed a passion for typewriters. It seems that I was born with it. At least for as long as I can remember, I have always loved it. The first machine I bought in 2008. It was our, Soviet "Lyubava", a copy of "Erika". Before it, I've seen typeriters only on pictures)

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