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1965 Hermes Baby

Serial #6086677

Sweet cover looks just like a thinner version of my early 60s curvy Hermes 3000.


Delightful typewriter with quiet, clean action and superb portability. Love the carriage return lever which seems to be a big improvement on earlier folding models.

Paint on bottom has light blistering and flaking in spots - hate to see flecks on green on my clothing when using as a laptop. Otherwise this is the best portable I have tried in terms of weight and size, styling, output and typing action. Oh and the half-raised carriage shift is a fascinating innovation - takes enough of the weight off to make it almost as easy on the fingers and wrists (but not quite as satisfying to use - no biggie) as a segment shift.

Has a serviceable 11 cpi typeface - does that make it pica?

Interesting Greek characters - for mathematical use? Also in the typeface specimen it is the upper case lines QWERTY and ASDFG that are reversed. My error.

Owned By: John Munroe

Username: jamunroe
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From Toronto Canada. Tokyo-based entrepreneur since 1998 and meditation teacher since 2000. Learned to type in Grade 9 following mind-altering lunches and still experience flashbacks while typing. Mother did shorthand and typed 90 wpm as stenographer, dad pecked out haiku on his old typewriter as long as I remember. Moved to thermal printing, 8-character display CanoWord Pen 24 in 1986 when my typewriter broke, then to FujiXerox, Mac and iPhone. Bought my first typewriter of the new millennium (a Lettera 32) in March 2015. Muscle memory has graduated to neural reboot--every moment at the typewriter brings back fresh memories of type-happy childhood and visions of literary grandeur. Use typewriter for inspiration/rough drafts and computer/iPhone (Scrivener/Evernote) for polishing.

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Love the case.

Snappy pop-up paper support is a nice touch - light as a nail file and elegant push-tab release make up for slightly cheap feel. Definitely worth it!

Sweet cover looks just like a thinner version of my early 60s curvy Hermes 3000.

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