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1957 Royal Aristocrat

Serial #RB3799786

This is a l957 Royal Aristocrat that I got for Christmas of 2016. This machine did have some bubble wrap on it when I got it. Unfortunatly the right knob broke off during shipping and I fixed the issue by wrapping duct tape around it. Overall the machine was in great shape and was super clean. I did manage to get the platen recovered on this and this does have the "Magic Margin" buttons on both sides of the machine. The right margin stop gave me some issues and it turns out there was a small part underneath of the machine that controls the right margin and it was loose. But I did fix that issue and the typewriter works great.

Owned By: Jordan Weaver

Username: TypewriterMan426
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 73
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My name is TypewriterMan426. I am a typewriter collector and also write on functioning typewriters as a hobby. I currently own a couple of typewriters from different eras and own different brands. I hope to collect more in the future and hope to continue writing on these beautiful machines.

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