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1956 Royal Aristocrat

Serial #RB-30405

1956 Royal Aristocrat manual typewriter. Brownish-grey body, hunter green keys, which if I understand correctly, make this something of a rare bird. Touch selector under the hood, and a nice, clear bell.

I bought it at a secondhand store in Lodi, CA for $62, but have actually seen them sell for $300+. It's a good little workhorse, but I don't use it as often as my other machines, because it's got a little more play in the keys than I personally prefer, which isn't much! But I'm picky, so the average typist/writer may not notice. It is actually pretty quiet compared to my other machines, both manual and electric.

Owned By: Crystal Bennett

Username: knittingbug
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I'm Crystal. I am a newspaper-published writer, Novelist-in-progress, blogger, former Behavior Specialist, and an Ordained Minister. I absolutely love typewriters, and am growing a small collection. I have raised five sons to adulthood, and yet, I can't keep potted plants alive more than a month. My husband and I spend way too much time together, but that's okay.

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