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1939 Royal Aristocrat

Serial #B-910502

Shift snags. Outside of that, she's a BEAUT! A nice companion to her brother, the Quiet De Luxe 1941, and her big brother the KMM 1939! The only real difference between this and the Quiet De Luxe are the positions of the TAB and MAR REL keys, and the round SHIFT FREEDOM keys as opposed to the RQD's square ones. I can picture Coco Chanel using a 1939 Aristocrat. (That is why I refer to this one as SHE, while the RQD is a HE.)

Owned By: Harold Dodd

Username: SLACKPLAN9
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 146
Galleries: 8
Collection: 8
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In the Phoenix area. Curently in IT, but want to write/direct/and produce film.

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