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1956 Royal Aristocrat

Serial #RB-3284819

A typically nice mid-’50s Royal with a few small problems, now seemingly fixed: the left-side Magic Margin had lost its magic (fixed with graphite on the rails and a slight reshaping of the control lever) and a non-returning return lever (fixed by removing the carriage end cap and maybe it’ll keep working when I replace it). Tweed-look fibreglas case and a good owner’s manual.

The usual Royal white coating on plastic parts (keys, knobs) comes off easily by scraping (rubbing, really) with a sharp-edged wooden tool if you don’t want to use your fingernail. Then I’ll wax them.

Owned By: Michael Hoehne

Username: mhoehne
Status: Typewriter Hunter
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While I find all of mankind's inventions interesting, I am most enchanted by the human-scale arts and devices, the ones that can be created (and repaired) in a home workshop or studio; the ones that can be understood by looking at them; the ones that do something useful or stir admiration. Typewriters work for me.

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