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1948 Smith Corona Clipper

Serial #4C 219955

Yet another eBay find, and I got it for $51 and shipping. Everything works, it has a lot of eraser crud inside, and a little wear on the finish, even the carrying case is in good shape. There is a little bit of double-strike which can be seen in the type sample.

I fell in love with the Clipper when I first saw a picture of one, particularly the Boeing 314/PanAm Clipper emblem...and the profile is simply delightful.

I feel like I should write a travelogue or something...

Owned By: Ric Wyckoff

Username: TaoTypist
Status: Typewriter Hunter
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In the beginning was the Tao, and the Tao created one, and the one created two, and two created three, and three created the ten thousand things...and thus it is with typewriter collecting! Hiker, photographer, acupuncturist and more in the Arizona desert.

1948 Smith Corona Clipper Type Sample


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