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1975 Smith Corona Classic 12

Serial #6LTV-439343H

I originally assumed that this Classic was made prior to 1967, which was around the time when SCM introduced the jeweled escapement model. It was because this Classic 12 lacked the jeweled escapement that I bought it: I wanted to compare it to my other Classic 12 that did have that feature. Based on new information, it turns out that this typewriter might actually be a mid-'70s model. There is much to still learn about the Classic 12's history.

A large sticker inside of the travel case proudly states that "Smith-Corona typewriters are made in the USA by American craftsmen." The red, white, and blue warranty decal was clearly intended to tug at patriotic heartstrings in the face of the low-cost Japanese typewriters that were flooding the market at the time. It seems odd - now - that such a claim would have been made when at the same time Smith-Corona typewriters were being manufactured in other countries too.

Smith-Corona's "adjustable type" was a feature of the Classic 12 and can be identified by the two black keys that along with their corresponding slugs could be easily swapped out with other characters. I included a couple of photos in the gallery that compares the regular type slug to one that is removable.

Owned By: Uwe Wachtendorf

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Typewriter collector based in Toronto who prefers mid-century models.

1975 Smith Corona Classic 12 Type Sample


1975 Smith Corona Classic 12 Photo Gallery

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