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1941 Underwood Champion

Serial #G1420372

Champion. It had an issue with ribbon transport. I couldn't figure it out at first so I put the machine aside. Now I wanted to take a closer look.
It seemed the mechanism worked as it should however the spools moved for a while then stopped. They are DIN 32755 ones (53.65mm diameter) - clearly someone put them in as a replacement.

My theory was that their bottom ring is catching on the sides of spool cups as they wobbled a bit on the axis. I didn't have an original spools to try so I decided to trim the ones that were inside - since they were plastic ones - and voila!

A transformation - the machine now types easily, the imprint is clean and crisp. You can see a new typeface specimen sample within the photos below - I haven't changed the ribbon...

Now it is a machine that can live up to its name.

Sighted By: Piotr Trumpiel

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1941 Underwood Champion Type Sample


1941 Underwood Champion Photo Gallery

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