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1938 Underwood Champion

Serial #1203601

Purchased for a solid $50 in Daleville, VA via craigslist, this machine is super practical and a looker to boot. I have never been impressed with Underwood mechanics, but this machine is in excellent shape and in spite of a firm touch is not so bad to write with. Because of the awesome case this machine will surely see much use. And it might be one of the most attractive machines I own. (Tripod Case)

Owned By: Mark Petersen

Username: totallyyourtype
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 2017
Galleries: 169
Collection: 118
Sightings: 51

I am an aspiring novelist and avid typewriter enthusiast from the New River Valley in Virginia. I am a proud Virginia Tech graduate with an education in creative writing. I use typewriters for all my writing and am working on a novel. I also do street poetry. I often can be found writing on one of my machines in downtown Blacksburg and enjoying a drink.
You can email me at
You can mail me at Mark Petersen / PO Box 6683 / Christiansburg, VA 24068-6683

1938 Underwood Champion Type Sample


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