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1920-1921 Oliver 9

Serial #A997308

This Oliver was my first typewriter, given to me for free by a friend. It'd been in her Grandmother's basement for years. I was told her deceased Grandfather had purchased it a long time ago secondhand, and always intended to refurbish it.

As you can see it has some rust, and it was very dirty when I got it. Unfortunately, as a rookie cleaning it I managed to break the right tine of the ribbon guide. The left paper guide is also broken off at the top.

It cleaned up pretty well, though.

Owned By: John Robertson

Username: JTRobertson
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 59
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I'm John (or J.T.) Robertson from St. Louis, MO. I'm a published author, and have always had an obsession with typewriters, starting with my Mom's Underwood when I was a kid.

Unfortunately Mom's old machine is gone, but in Aug. 2014 a friend gave me an incredibly dirty Oliver #9 found in her Grandma's basement. I cleaned it up and got it working, and in the process became a collector.

1920-1921 Oliver 9 Type Sample


1920-1921 Oliver 9 Photo Gallery

Serial stamped on right side beneath carriage rail, near bell. A499730

intact left tine, broken right tine on ribbon guide.

With carriage removed, via Oliver's amazingly easy system.

I believe this is the original carriage string.

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