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1929 Erika 5

Serial #99381

Little Erika. The most rusty one here, but maybe also the most lucky!
I got it for free. Seller was shipping me a rusty Continental standard and he packed this as a gift. Carriage frame was broken, majority of keys and typebars hard stuck, hopeless feed rollers, broken paper scale, bottom part of frame badly corroded from inside and outside, missing feets and drawband. Also some damage from bad repairing. Almost dumpster material...

This is the only typewriter I had completely disassembled to last screw. I was quite nervous, when I was looking on whole table getting lost under all parts and fact, that I did not have another Erika to observe how it is supposed to look like. I have painted bottom part of the frame and rest of rusty places remained untouched. It was a struggle, but now it is looking quite good and typing too.
This is what I love on typewriter repairing. I got something, that was too crappy to
even be sold. And now I really like it, because every tiny part went through my hands and I got it together to be typewriter again.
Because it is missing its case, there is no need for holes in feets, so I have used these hemispherical rubber seals originally purposed to old water taps. I think that they look nice and fits elegant shapes of this lovely tiny machine.

Erika, small sister of Ideal is really good typewriter. I admire her simple and clever design. Writing feels like waving fingers through summer breeze and it is really charming small typewriter easy to maintain and fix.

Owned By: Vlastimil Novak

Username: Schrei112
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 1541
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