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1929 Underwood 5

Serial #25||980-5

Serial #25||980-5. Note - the "||" appears to be two vertical bars rather than two "1"s.

My father has had this old 1929 Underwood Standard No. 5 for years.

Obvious paint wear but the machine works perfectly.

Dec. 29/16 EDIT: I now have this beauty and have had a chance to have a much better look at it and take more (pre-clean) photos.

Owned By: Greg Melanson

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I'm a collector of various types of antique/vintage items (toys, farm tools, old bottles, war memorabilia, coins, stamps, etc.).

I came across 3 antique Remington portable typewriters several years back and am hoping to be able to identify their Model # and Date of manufacture, if possible.

I am planning on selling them but not without a bit more knowledge about them :)

I'm from Ontario, Canada.

1929 Underwood 5 Photo Gallery

Felt-padding under the hammer heads stamps with Underwood's foreign Patents and Made in USA.

Upper-rear of Table Plate engraved: "G. A. Ward Oct 14/29".

Serial #25||980-5. Note - the "||" appears to be two vertical bars rather than two "1"s.

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