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1898 Blickensderfer 5

Serial #32578

1898 Blickensderfer 5

This is the oldest typewriter in my collection so far. I have restored it to working condition, it has the original case but is missing the f,j, and q key. This machine is a cool and rare addition to my collection. I would like to thank my mom, dad, and my uncle for getting me this machine for christmas!

Owned By: Connor Brumfield

Username: ThompsonM1A1
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 65
Galleries: 14
Collection: 12
Sightings: 2

I am a typewriter collector. I have twelve typewriters. The oldest I have is a 1898 blickensderfer no 5. My first typewriter I collected was a smith corona SL 600 electric typewriter when I was ten. I have now been collecting typewriters for four years and have collected four typewriters. I help my dad with are "business" Repairing, buying and selling typewriters called Brumfield and sons typewriters.

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