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1928 Corona 4

Serial #S1M07082

Chanced on this beautiful Mountain Ash Scarlet with a known carriage jam issue. Turned out that the carriage string had twisted itself into a pretzel and jammed the first half of the carriage movement.
Surprise surprise, one original red ribbon spool!

Spent sometime last night and this morning cleaning and fixing it up. As you can see the alignment could use some work, but it's just gorgeous as it is right now.
Scarlette's sitting proudly next to it's sister. :)

Owned By: Natalie Tan

Username: natslaptaps
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 302
Galleries: 35
Collection: 18
Sightings: 17

Little Asian girl at the tip of big continent country with lotsa typewriters.

1928 Corona 4 Type Sample


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