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1929 Corona 4

Serial #R2P05175

A beautiful-condition Corona 4 in Dupont Duco Maroon, with Spanish-language keys. Found at a thrift store, if you can believe that. Newly replaced platen rubber by JJ Short.

Mi nombre es El Diablo.

Owned By: Ted Munk

Username: munk
Status: Curator
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I am a scoundrel without a cause, and my swank outshines the sun.

I am a casual Typewriter Hunter residing in the sweltering deserts of Arizona with a wife, three cats and about 40 typewriters. My main hunting ground is thrift stores, and I rarely pay more than $10 for a machine.

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The paint chipping makes it appear that the serial number is composed of two groups of 4, which might suggest the serial number is r2po5175 rather than r2p05175. Why is this important? because the former number would date to 1929, and the latter to 1939. Note however that by 1939, Corona 4 production was very low, no more than a few hundred machines every 2 months. Thus, series 5175 would have been impossible in 1939 - making the questioned digit a ZERO, and this machine dates to 1929.

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