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1968 Hermes 3000

Serial #3499863

The first typewriter I purchased in the modern era (I owned an Underwood No 5 and a Smith-Corona of some sort as a kid). I love the oversized sweeping carriage return lever. Great shape. Has a cover, with a carefully incised hole for the return lever, and might have once had a case, I don't know. I finally brought it home from the office, where I hide my purchases before I can sneak them home. The paper supports do work; I just forgot to lift them up for the photo.

Owned By: James Gifford

Username: giffer
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 2080
Galleries: 147
Collection: 146
Sightings: 1

I have suddenly become a typewriter collector. It started with one purchase and has ballooned to a collection of more than forty in less than a year. I'm learning fast but I'm still a novice compared to others in the typosphere, including here in Toronto, where I haunt thrift shops and antique markets, and even the occasional basement. I'm a former magazine writer and published author, and a professional book editor by trade, and I learned to type on manuals despite the proliferation of electrics, so I like to think I come by my sudden and rather manic passion honestly.

1968 Hermes 3000 Type Sample


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Is that an oversized carriage-return lever in your pocket or . . .

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