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1965 Hermes 3000

Serial #3303735

Hermes 3000 1965 next to Hermes Rocket 1970

Outside looks REAL NICE.
Inside needs some REAL CLEANING, including the type. Will be taking this to Duane or Bill, as the details of these tiny characters needs a pro, not myself.

It is mandatory that you use at least TWO pieces of paper with this, as the type does cut through the paper, no matter how you set the touch settings.

I had researched this model, as there are LOTs of resources out there, and noted all the CONS to this typewriter that have been written by people who just flat out DESPISE it, and, I have to confess, everything they mentioned, including the cutting type, are all represented in this typewriter. I like the unit, however.

Owned By: Harold Dodd

Username: SLACKPLAN9
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 146
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In the Phoenix area. Curently in IT, but want to write/direct/and produce film.

1965 Hermes 3000 Type Sample


1965 Hermes 3000 Photo Gallery

Hermes 3000 with case, brushes and manual

Hermes 3000 case, brushes, and manual.

Truthfully, I have no pic that can bring out the "Sea Foam Green" in these keys.

Brand/Model plate

"The Guts", or "The TEETH", if we want to be more accurate.

S/N 3303735

That nice margin line. It would have been nice if the Royal "Magic Margin" system had this.

Made in Switzerland

Hermes 3000 1965 next to Hermes Rocket 1970

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