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1965 Hermes 3000

Serial #3328691

I was reading recently about the almost unbelievable affection that many typists have for this make of typewriter, raving about its design features, feel, and aesthetics. So, when I had the chance to pick up a working example with a vinyl-clad case, I leapt. Had to try it for myself.

Sadly, this thing needs more work and attention than I can give at the moment. The carriage doesn't advance past the 50-mark, so letters will bundle on top of one another when typed (see typeface example).

However, the little scrap of page-space on which I was able to get the Hermes 3000 typing experience made for writing that was fluid and enjoyable, if not short-lived.

One day I will break this thing down and bring it back to life.

Pauvre lui. Il ne fonctionne pas.

Owned By: Liam O Sullivan

Username: liamo
Status: Typewriter Hunter
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Fell in love with a Quiet Deluxe won at auction. Now I am a neophyte typewriter enthusiast.

1965 Hermes 3000 Type Sample


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