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1968 Hermes 3000

Serial #3500725

This was my second Hermes 3000; the first was a plastic 3rd gen model. I wanted one of the metal machines made in Switzerland, so when this 3000 with Techno Pica came along I bought it right away.

It arrived with a jammed carriage and its only platen knob broken. I spent a Saturday afternoon with a 92 year-old typewriter mechanic sorting out the carriage issue. It was my first time taking apart a Hermes 3000 but in the time since I've worked with several.

I transferred the platen knobs of my 3rd-gen model to this one. Although 3rd-gen knobs are manila and 2nd gen knobs are putty (or light green), there isn't much noticeable difference.

It's a great typer and for a while it was my go-to for banging out several pages on a whim. Then the mold smell got to me and I used it less and less. Finally I ripped out all the old felt and replaced it. I cut patterns which can now be used in the future with other 2nd-gen 3000's which need their felt replaced.

In short this machine has taught me a lot about the Hermes 3000 and the thoughtfulness which went into its design - for writers and repairmen alike. These are one of my favorite machines to use and I'm glad this one came to me with some challenges so I could get to know them so well.

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Writer, collector and typewriter tinkerer based in the Seattle area, WA State, U.S.A.

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