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1918 Corona 3

Serial #150301

A fun old time effect I like to apply to some of my older machines.

One of my favourite machines. Originally sold by B.F. Swanson Co. Inc. in Des Moines, Iowa. It is extra special because Iowa is my home state. Has required a few repairs, including a new drawstring as well as a custom made sheet metal part. Has a few scratches, as well as some bad marring on left side of keyboard. Aside from those issues, types fine and is a real joy to use!

Owned By: Mac Derscheid

Username: mderscheid
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 235
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My first experience with a typewriter came when I was around 6 years old, every time I visited my grandmother I would go type on her Smith Corona electronic (wedge) typewriter. Back in early 2012, my mother stumbled across the USBTypewriter project, and I was hooked instantly. I quickly bought a kit, and in June 2012 I purchased the machine to be used with it: my beautiful late model Royal 10. Later that year as I stopped at an antique store, and found another machine: this time a Remington Rand Model 7. I thought I would buy just one more. Then later, one more. And then one more. Pretty soon I amassed around 30 machines, and that number is still growing today! I hope to get them all uploaded here soon so that I actually have a count on my typewriters, because I lost count long ago.

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A fun old time effect I like to apply to some of my older machines.

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