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1916 Corona 3

Serial #88946

I was 13 when I got my first Corona #3, free from a neighbor. It worked. I had it for 20 years and then sold it in a garage sale during a moment of lunacy. I recently bought another, not working, Corona #3 presented here. This one had a broken carriage string, a common problem with old typewriters, and I managed to replace it after a bit of a bumpy beginning. I ignorantly failed to see the ball bearing track and sliding metal piece and when I took it apart it fell out; I lost one ball bearing and it took me a while to figure out what those parts were from that fell out. Bought new ball bearing for it and replaced the broken carriage string. It works great now. Interestingly it has a decal under the carriage area that it was sold by the Honolulu Typewriter Co. Glad it is not all rusty from that humid climate.

Owned By: Justin De Mello

Username: jademello
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I fell in love with typewriters when I was 13. I'm retired now. My first was a Corona #3 which I got free from a neighbor. Decades pass, life happened, and I lost interest. Then a few years back as a retiree I renewed my interest which is a bit of a happy obsession now. However, it's not just typewriters that captivate me; I love all types of old office equipment, too. I have a Dalton adding machine (which I've restored), several different working antique check writers, a Dictaphone, antique steno machine, business card press, postage stamp scale. I have a well equipped antique office that is spilling into all parts of my home. Most items are from the Machine Age: 1880's into the 1930's. Still, typewriters are complex and amazing pieces of machinery that I'm always drawn to.

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