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1918 Corona 3

Serial #149981

Corona Number 3, serial number 149981. Obtained from in October 2014. This is my 21st typewriter.

This machine was manufactured circa March, 1918.

When I got it, the rubber parts were in very poor shape and the machine was badly out of adjustment. I had the platen and feed roller recovered by J.J. Short in 2015 and got a new set of feet from Steve Dade in 2016. The escapement mechanism was fairly easy to adjust. Although it's a looker and has a lot of history behind it, the rumors are true about the Corona 3: it is slow, but it's also tough and will get the job done in a pinch.

Includes the owner's manual, oiler, and typewriter brush.

Owned By: Paul Musgrave

Username: typerpaul
Status: Typewriter Hunter
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1918 Corona 3 Type Sample


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