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1955 Erika 10

Serial #1763514

Bought this one in Germany for a single euro. The previous owner told me he got it from an old NVA (Nationale Volksarmee - national army of the GDR) office/warehouse. This means the machine was probably used by the army.
Of course, I can't be sure about this, but I have no reason to assume the previous owner was lying about this, as he wasn't exactly asking a lot of money.

The machine was very rusty when I got it, and I cleaned it as best as I could. Now the machine kind of works. The carriage isn't very smooth so it's not great for typing, but does look very cool.

I've sold this machine, and it is no longer in my collection.

Sighted By: Imre Deneer

Username: iden
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I love to read literature, and was very curious as to how the authors I love the most, physically wrote their novels. That got me into typewriters.

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