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1957 Erika 10

Serial #1832136

An ebay purchase - so called "Dachbodenfund". Seller has no idea does it work or not. Well, it didn't. Arrived dusty, with jammed and broken carriage and without a case. Seller put up only one blurry picture, but the price (1 EUR) was worth risking. Took me about a week to fix it. Now it works as buttered.
The look of this "black beast" somehow reminds me the soviet Typhoon class nuclear submarines. When you press the knob down on the right side of body, the hatch opens... ready to launch a nuclear missile.
Scarry... :)

Owned By: Kristians Luhaers

Username: clc
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 214
Galleries: 7
Collection: 6
Sightings: 1

Doesn't they look sexy to you? Such a number of different shapes, forms and colors.... All those complicated and not so complicated mechanisms, levers and arms, gears and sprockets... how they became alive and start dancing at your fingertip punches...
It started on December 2015 when I bought my second typewriter... Beaten, damaged, dusty... I took it apart, cleaned, repaired. Since then it became as an obsession... Now there are more than dozen.

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