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1920 Royal 10

Serial #X537518

1920 Royal 10

Second variation with the double glass panels on each side. In process of clean up and repair. Drawband is broken but otherwise in good condition. I have located and secured replacement drawband material at Bremerton Office Machine and am in the process of having a carriage retainer clip made.

Owned By: Stephen Clancy

Username: navyldolcdr
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 208
Galleries: 14
Collection: 12
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Recently retired (June 2015). Relocated from IL to NC (no more snow and cold but miss the Chicago dogs). Missed my old manual typewriter and went on the hunt for a replacement. Recently found a Royal Model 10 (1920 per the serial number database) at one of the local resale shops. She's in pretty good shape but the drawband is broken (located suitable replacement material at Bremerton Office Machine, WA). Have been cleaning and polishing and am now looking for someone who can replace the carriage string and get me up and running.

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