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1912 Remington 10

Serial #219104

Bought an an antique market. Marked price was $80, but after I got into a conversation with the dealer she took a liking to me and offered $40 on it, which I of course took.

I haven't cleaned it yet, not to say that it's overly dirty at all, because it is actually fairly clean. However, everything functions properly and she types consistently, with a solid touch.

This is my fourth machine over 100 years old and is by far in the best shape.

I own a direct relative of this machine, the Remington Monarch. The two were produced in the same factory at the same time, and my two examples are in comparable shape and of a comparable age to each other (two years apart). A direct comparison would be neat to do, as I suspect they use an identical frame...

Lacking a type alignment guide and a segment, the alignment on this machine is just as poor as the Monarch's is.

Note how poorly the lower case characters print compared to the upper case ones. I would assume that they were damaged with decades of work, while the much less used capitals stayed more intact. The symbols are also in pretty good shape.

One foot was missing so I fashioned a new one out of cork that fits quite well.

"To save time is to lengthen life"


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