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1990 Adler Triumph-Adler Gabriele PFS

Serial #67461692

3" floppy disk reader

Probably it should be categorized as Triumph-Adler?

October 1990 is impressed on the shell.

I don't really know what to think about these type of typewriters. There are really underrepresented under collectors. I mean, they types better than every other typewriter, but they miss what old typewriters contain. There is not really a reason for a typewriter with a screen when you have a laptop instead. But nevertheless I like it, just because it has this old LCD screen and because it contains a 3" floppy disk reader. Unfortunately you get nowhere 3" floppy disks, this format is only used few. The standard format is 3.5". I you know a dealer for 3" let me know in the comments!

Owned By: Carl H

Username: Olivetti48
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 1922
Galleries: 178
Collection: 172
Sightings: 6

Typewriter collector from Germany. I collect all brands, but like Olivetti the most. I'm not that type of collector that buys the most expensive, old or rare pieces. I love and collect typewriters because it was an everyday product millions of people used. Much of them are well-made and were so expensive for there pre-owner – now, people want not to throw them away, but they don't want them anymore – and so, there are ridiculous cheap. When I see a typewriter, standing around and being so cheap, I cannot abandon it. (I hope my english is at least understandable, feel free to correct me).

1990 Adler Triumph-Adler Gabriele PFS Type Sample


1990 Adler Triumph-Adler Gabriele PFS Photo Gallery

The LCD screen

Where to find the serial number

3" floppy disk reader

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