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198X AEG (Olympia) Carrera II

Serial #76321056725

This seems to be a fairly common model of wedge around here, and this is the first I can get.

I´m very grateful, because I was given it after someone in Cogeces del Monte, my village, learned about me and the typewriters, and then she just toldme: "Y´know what? I have three typewriters at home, and I´m going to give youo two of them. Have fun!"

Of course I´m delighted. Not with the typewriter because it is almost unusable, but because someone has been very generous to me. Big thanks, Begoña!

Regarding the typewriter, I was aware there was something wrong with it. The initial intel on the matter was that "a leeter didn´t go well", but in the end it looks like something beyond repair. As you can see in the typeface, several letters do not print, instead you get two weird lines. That happens because the daisywheel doesn´t relocate properly, because the types are there, they´re not missing. Then there comes the big problem: after a "stroke" the daisywheel does not reset itself. It just goes into some weird "blank" position, and it needs like a second or so to be ready to receive orders from the keyboard. It makes a clicking noise when it´s ready, but it´s deadly slow. Anything faster than a stroke per 1,5 seconds is out of the question.

The bad part is I have no clue on how to solve that. I guess it´s downright impossible, so this typewriter will have to live with it. At least I´ll keep it well preserved and with a lot of good company.

Owned By: Javier Vazquez del Olmo

Username: Javi
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 4569
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The first typewriter I saw was my grandpa´s Olivetti Linea 98 at the office. It was just a curio for me. Then I was given a Nakajima, which I didn´t use and my grandfather took it from me because it was easier to handle than the bulky Linea 98.

Now I own that typewriter, and I started a little collection in Valladolid, Spain. The Nakajima, which is "my" typewriter is the only one which is NOT in my collection. How ironic...

Things then got... complex. I moved from Valladolid to my village, and suddenly found myself with a lot of room available at home, so the small collection is turning into something bigger, a nuisace for my family and a great source of satisfaction for me.

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