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197x Smith Corona Electra 120

Serial #6ELL 180682

Not the original case, but it's better than nothing, and it fits.

This one is a bit perplexing to say the least. Not because there are defects, or any electrical or mechanical problems, but because it walked up to my door in the form of payment for work my husband did for a neighbor, and was very obviously not in the original case, which is fine, the wrong case can be better than no case, as long as it fits, and it does.

Anyway... The slate grey cover, with black keys and knobs is an interesting feature, as is the face where the silver & black SMC Smith-Corona Electra 120 emblems are located, is a granite design, instead of solid or faux wood like many other 1960's/1970's SCM electric and even manual machines I either own or have seen.

The serial number is throwing me off a bit. 6ELL 180682 and no date code. It seems as if this is more late 60's to me, but it could be early 70's. Since I'm not sure, I'm guesstimating 197x.

Also interesting about this one is the typeface. It's Pica at 10 characters per inch, but not script as in some other 120's I've seen. It also doesn't have what I would consider to be the standard font of the day, and I'm not 100% sure what this font is called, but I do like it. The ribbon selector has three settings; black, red, and stencil, which apparently, is another oddity, as other 120's I've seen have only two settings. 12 inch carriage.

Everything works great, and I'm not going to complain about typewriters that deliver themselves to my doorstep! My youngest son is quite fond of this, and asked if he could have this one. Given that I already own an electric SCM Coronet, and a manual Classic 12, I guess he can have this one. :-)

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I'm Crystal. I am a newspaper-published writer, Novelist-in-progress, blogger, former Behavior Specialist, and an Ordained Minister. I absolutely love typewriters, and am growing a small collection. I have raised five sons to adulthood, and yet, I can't keep potted plants alive more than a month. My husband and I spend way too much time together, but that's okay.

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Not the original case, but it's better than nothing, and it fits.

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