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1977 Adler J5

Serial #15936183

Typebar #1, with the number 6183 etched into it.

The J5 is sleek looking and functional, albeit not as smooth as higher quality typers. I like the chrome appointments. This one has the four digit number 6183 etched onto type bar #1.

The serial number is creating a conundrum for me. All of the J5's listed on TWDB are seven digits - this one clearly has an eight digit serial number. I'm comfy for the moment calling it an early 70's machine.

Owned By: tom hitt

Username: tomhitt
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 1078
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Retired school teacher, now busy cooking and writing. Typewriters fascinate me, I'm mostly interested in Portables from the 50's-70's.

1977 Adler J5 Type Sample


1977 Adler J5 Photo Gallery

1970's Chrome!

fancy crown

NOTE: The text regarding the serial number is incorrect, a newbie error on my part. Correct SN is 15936183 ~TH~

What the heck does this thing do?

Typebar #1, with the number 6183 etched into it.

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