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1979 Silver Reed Silverette S

Serial #10158335

Silver-Reed Silverette S, Silver Seiko Ltd, made in Japan. AZERTY keyboard. I bought this from an attractive young woman who told me she came home drunk from the bars and thought to herself, "I'm going to buy an orange typewriter," and she popped onto Etsy and paid US$200 for this little beauty and never used it. (I paid nowhere near that for it.) She did manage to lose the lid, however, perhaps in another stupor. It types well, though one of the accent keys sticks. I wasn't sure whether to put this under Silver-Reed or Silver Seiko, and since there aren't any models yet under SS, I added this to the galleries of other Silverettes under Silver-Reed.

Owned By: James Gifford

Username: giffer
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 2080
Galleries: 147
Collection: 146
Sightings: 1

I have suddenly become a typewriter collector. It started with one purchase and has ballooned to a collection of more than forty in less than a year. I'm learning fast but I'm still a novice compared to others in the typosphere, including here in Toronto, where I haunt thrift shops and antique markets, and even the occasional basement. I'm a former magazine writer and published author, and a professional book editor by trade, and I learned to type on manuals despite the proliferation of electrics, so I like to think I come by my sudden and rather manic passion honestly.

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