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1973 Adler Tippa S

Serial #5876369


I look forward to taking this beauty apart for a good cleaning. It cost me 75 Danish Kroners, wich is about 14 dollars. Sometimes (as you can see on the typeface specimen) the type bars "double tap" the paper when a letter is typed, and I'm not sure how to correct this.
I love the color, unfortunately the plastic is fragile and have cracked in a few, fairly unnoticeable places. This have been corrected with glue for now.

Owned By: Karl Joelsen

Username: Joelsen
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 155
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I just started collecting typewriters a little less than a year ago.
I own 10 of them, but only 8 1/2 of them are in working condition at the moment.

1973 Adler Tippa S Type Sample


1973 Adler Tippa S Photo Gallery

This is where I found the serial number.

Serial close-up


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