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1972 Adler Tippa 1

Serial #5487185

Although it has a plastik body I consider this quite a nice typer. It's a good starter for beginners as it is easy to produce clean lines, even if not typing very accurate.

It came to me in a pretty good condition. I cleaned it a little, otherwise it's fine. It has three small cracks on the right side, near the logo "Tippa". Due to trying to decrease the number of typewriters I own, this one will be sold soon.

Owned By: Oliver Scheit

Username: osh
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 355
Galleries: 15
Collection: 9
Sightings: 6

located in Hamburg, Germany
I will fill the "schmasch"-website little by little with some additional information on my typewriters. (

1972 Adler Tippa 1 Type Sample


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