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1967 Adler Universal 20

Serial #8322784

The eBay seller listed it as an "Alder" and also never mentioned it was script. I went through all of the photos and saw one washed out by the sun that showed me just enough of a letter to guess it might be script. With one bid I won this machine for $10, and $30 shipping. One of my greatest scores. Jack Torrance and Stanley Kubrick would surely approve. I love this machine. It's a tank and types like one, but the printed letters it makes are simply stunning. There are a lot of very cool extra characters too.

Owned By: Mark Petersen

Username: totallyyourtype
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I am an aspiring novelist and avid typewriter enthusiast from the New River Valley in Virginia. I am a proud Virginia Tech graduate with an education in creative writing. I use typewriters for all my writing and am working on a novel. I also do street poetry. I often can be found writing on one of my machines in downtown Blacksburg and enjoying a drink.
You can email me at
You can mail me at Mark Petersen / PO Box 6683 / Christiansburg, VA 24068-6683

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