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1962 Adler Special

Serial #2265281

A really solid standard, like a little brother to the Universal and without its paper injector - and a big brother to the Adler Junior.

I guess it's a rebranded Triumph.

This is a really nice machine to use, with a crisp key action - though not SM3-crisp - and a responsive touch control. It has a lever on the right for setting margins and tab stops, and then the buttons are on the sides for clearing and using the tab.

This is also the single noisiest typewriter I have ever used! It's kind of fun though, it envelops you in a private sound bubble and blocks out the rest of the world.

Owned By: Katy Evans-Bush

Username: katyevansbush
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 47
Galleries: 3
Collection: 3
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A writer, in London, with typewriters.

1962 Adler Special Type Sample


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