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195X Antares Parva

Serial #B-030077

Antares Parva - S/N - B-030077

English/Spanish model. Bought off eBay from Spain. S/N in 1950s range, not shown on Typewriter Database at this time. keycaps made from same cheap plastic used in classic army men kids used to set on fire. Has same "unjam" feature, which reminds me of the unjam on an M16A1 (No kidding!).

I can see where this would be a very cheap post-war, non-Olivetti or Hermes model made in a Europe still recovering from having the holy crap bombed out of it by several allied powers. I can also see where this could be an insurrectionist's typewriter, competing with Hermes with their Baby/Rocket

This was also the typewriter model of William S. Burroughs, along with the Baby/Rocket. In fact, the famous film footage of Burroughs shooting smack has him doing it with the Parva "witnessing"

Last, I learned the action on this is cheap, and jams easy (Hence the type unjam.) The action is not really for a fast typist, but more for a "Hunt and Peck" person.

Owned By: Harold Dodd

Username: SLACKPLAN9
Status: Typewriter Hunter
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In the Phoenix area. Curently in IT, but want to write/direct/and produce film.

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Antares Parva brand plate

Antares Parva - Spanish keys

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Antares Parva - S/N - B-030077

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