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195X AMC (Alpina) SK 24

Serial #133700

195X AMC (Alpina) SK 24

Alpina SK 24 rebranded AMC (for Associated Merchandising Corp.) for sale at U.S. department stores. Serial number 133700 indicates machine was manufactured in 1958, Made in West Germany. Among the differences with my 1960s Alpina SK 24, the carriage return lever is metal, but there's no scale for the margins by the margin setting knobs.

Owned By: Mark Rosenzweig

Username: MarkR
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 292
Galleries: 71
Collection: 71
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I have collected typewriters since the early 1970s. My first collectible machine was a Mignon, but I also had everyday typers then, first a Voss ST-24 and an Olivetti Praxis 48, and then a Hermes 3000 and a Hermes 10. Over the last decade or so, I've turned my focus from early machines (Lambert, Blickensderfer, Hammond, Smith-Premier, etc.) to portables.

Besides typewriters, I also am avid about Studebakers, and have had a 1964 Studebaker GT Hawk since 1979.

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