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1953 Adler Privat

Serial #3002346

This machine has seen a lot of miles - and lived in at least three countries. Made in Germany, it spent time in Namibia (see service sticker), returned to Germany, and now resides in Canada.

It's type action is a highlight. Superb really. And all without the need of touch control.

More than just pretty lines and pleasing performance, the Privat is tough as nails. The way this typer arrived at my front door would have had a collector in tears. The seller might as well have put the postage stamps on the ribbon cover and dropped it in the nearest mailbox. Despite the beating it obviously took during transit the Privat worked well without my needing to repair anything.

It's also a little on the quirky side, which is something I always like. The ribbon colour selector is really only an on/off switch (off is the stencil mode), and there's a prominent 'anti-jam' lever on the right side of the keyboard. Finally, I found the serial number marked in three different places: on the right-back corner of the case, on the right-front side of the carriage, and on a sticker applied to a corner of the case under the keyboard. Interesting.

The Privat is in my mind a two thumbs up portable.

Owned By: Uwe Wachtendorf

Username: Uwe
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 13159
Galleries: 304
Collection: 295
Sightings: 9

Typewriter collector based in Toronto who prefers mid-century models.

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