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1948 Erika M

Serial #1148878

This beautiful typewriter is in a very good condition (very clean, no damage) EXCEPT after typing one page one screw got loose somewhere and now the right part of the platen is kind of rattling around. When I opened it I found a second loose screw and now it is one of my patients. It is in a kind of slightly disassembled state since then, but not too bad. I did not have the courage to remove the platen yet. I have all the screws in separate bags and hope I can put it back together. It would be a shame if I couldn't since it is such a beaty (I love the keys).

Owned By: Daniel Norek

Username: automatenLand
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 56
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I actually use my typewriters to type, so one should be sufficient. But there are way too many interesting typewriters around. However, my space is very limited so I try to restrict myself.

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