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1908 Adler 7

Serial #42144

This detail shows the bullet-proof front cover's thickness of 2mm.

Adler n.7 typewriter
Starting from 1898, Heinrich Kleyer, a german businessman, decided to buy the Wellington Parker Kidder patent and convert part of his bycicle factory in Frankfurt to typewriters production.
The Adler typewriter was compact, durable and easy, and had a noticeble success.
Adler typewriters with horiziontal-running typebars were produced until about 1950, then the company abandoned this design for the conventional typebars system.
The Triumph-Adler company is still active now as a producer of hi-end professional printers/copiers.

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1908 Adler 7 Type Sample


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The platen knob isn't the original one.

A detail of the typebars.. that rubber-bumpers are, of course, home-made spares..

This detail shows the bullet-proof front cover's thickness of 2mm.

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