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1901 American Visible 1

Serial #2138

1901 American Visible 1

To print a character on this strange keyboard one slides the nickel-plated handle, on top of the keyboard, left and right so one of its four pointers has selected a character. The lever on the left side of the machine is then pushed down, causing a metal rod to push the chosen character forwards from a strip of molded rubber characters against the platen. Two felt inking rollers, kept the rubber strip inked as one moved the handle back and forth.

This typewriter sold for $3.98 in the Sears, Roebuck and Co. catalogue.

Owned By: Martin Howard

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I am a collector of 19th century typewriters and have built a collection that shows the remarkable ingenuity and beauty of the world’s first typewriters. I have always been interested in the beginnings of a machine when there is an eruption of approaches to making it. Early typewriters are an exceptional example of this incubation period.

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