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From the Virtual Typewriter Collection of Mary Echevarria:
196X Olivetti Praxis 48

Typeface Specimen:

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196X Olivetti Praxis 48
Serial #

Status: Sightings
Created: 10-13-2015 at 03:38PM
Last Edit: 11-02-2015 at 08:56PM

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This is a beautifully strange Olivetti from the future. Made in Don Mills, Canada.

My Praxis cleaned up nicely but has occasional problems with line spacing, probably related to a worn and greasy carriage return clutch made of cork.

My Praxis 48 has male/female characters (see type sample)

The Praxis 48 has vertically oriented ribbon spools.

Interesting feature: the keyboard will lock up if two keys are hit at the same time. Pushing the backspace key unlocks the keyboard.

The serial number is located underneath the machine by the left front foot.

UPDATE: passed along to a young typospherian in training.


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Mary Echevarria
Username: Mech

I'm a novice collector with a very small collection of mostly nonfunctional typewriters. I enjoy tinkering and repairs, so I am slowly but surely putting these typewriters back into service.

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