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From the Virtual Typewriter Collection of Steven Kuterescz:
1969 Remington Travel-Riter DeLuxe

Typeface Specimen:

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1969 Remington Travel-Riter DeLuxe
Serial #
CY 50 43 98

Status: Sightings
Created: 07-10-2016 at 01:26AM
Last Edit: 02-07-2017 at 05:06AM

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I currently have this typewriter in a state of disassembly. I should have photographed it before I took it apart. Poor thing, I hope it makes it out alive, but if not, well replacements aren't hard to find Down Under, they're almost as common as a Lettera 32 (but not as well-built or as reliable it's probably fair to say).
This one has a "Ten Forty" CY serial number prefix, so that prefix should probably be listed for the Travel-Riter Deluxe too.
This T-R has a ribbon selector dial rather than a switch, perhaps that's a difference to earlier T-R's. This one has a Pica typeface but you'll just have to trust me on that.
I have an instruction guide in no less than 9 languages (they got around) and I will scan it at some point.
I have a very nice case for it, but unfortunately the perished sponge-rubber glued to the inside of the lid in '69 has disintegrated, much of it falling into the workings of the typewriter like a fine sand.

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Steven Kuterescz
Username: skuterescz

Typewriter enthusiast, Perth Western Australia. I began collecting typewriters in order to spend less time in front of a computer. Yeah, like that worked... !!

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