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1927 Corona 4 #R 5L10938


I traded an Edison Mimeograph (No. 76) for this typewriter, as I'd been looking for one in this color for a while and had yet to come across a good condition one. While not in perfect condition (see the wear on the ribbon cover and the missing platen knob on the left side), I love it and the way it types.

The serial number, R5L10938, dates the machine to September/October of 1927, and makes it the 10,938th one produced in that time frame. The R in the serial number identifies it as a Light Maroon DUCO Finish.

Typeface Specimen:


Note the missing knob on this side of the machine

Note the wear on the spool cover on this side of the machine

Hunter: JP Huard (jphuard)

Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 398

Urban lumberjack, lover of music, typewriters, technology, and much more.

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