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1892 Densmore 2 #1287


Densmore 2 parts machine. I had thought about restoring it but the other one I bought with the carriage has the later carriage rails. This being a early one was intended for the earlier carriage with wheels that ride round carriage rails. The other machine is a few years later and uses a carriage rail with a slot for thin disc shaped wheels. If I ever find the parts someday I will restore this because of the low serial number.
This is the third oldest Densmore 2 known. I am guessing it dates to around 1892-93
UPDATE After some discussion with Peter Weil about this machine we have concluded that it is a first year model from 1892. The shift key is black. So fat that is unique to this specific machine.

Typeface Specimen:

Hunter: Mr E idk (mre12ax7)

Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 289

I am a Densmore fan!
I like the early machines from the 19th century.

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